Friday, 13 June 2014

They think it's all over. . . . IT IS NOW!!!

So here we are, 6 years, 28 assignments, 22 exams and countless hours in the library later, I've done it. Two days ago I received an email from the university telling me my exam results were posted on-line. I can honestly say that I've never felt the same overwhelming mixture of joy and pride than after reading the following sentence. . . .
I refer to the recent examinations for the above named course and have pleasure in informing you that the award of BACHELOR OF LAWS with First Class Honours has been approved.

Happy days! 

Getting a first took a fair bit of work and I've picked up a few tips along the way for anyone looking to do the same. Here's my top 3. . . . 

First of all, deactivate your facebook account, no really, do it. It's a pointless time thief, you'll be better off without it, and when you see your friends and family in person you'll have a lot more to talk about. 

Second, make an effort to get some work done early every day. I can't tell you how good it feels to have an hour of good study under your belt before breakfast, it's hard to get started but it pays dividends. 

Third, look after yourself physically and emotionally: run, walk, go to the gym, play football, swim or whatever takes your fancy a couple of times a week, and try to make time for friends and family. If nothing else it'll keep you sane as the pressure builds. 

Anyhoo, if you've got the honours year on the horizon put the work in and you'll do well. 

Over and out,