Study Skills

These are the tools and techniques which I've found valuable when trying to learn. I like the idea of employing creative non-traditional techniques to help me with developing my memory and understanding of my subject, from memory systems used my magicians to mind mapping and argument mapping. Our brains are creative complex living organisms, as such I don't think that learning by rote is necessarily always going to be the best way. I also think of myself as a visual thinker, I find it easier to remember big bright images than lines of text. I hope if you've found this page you'll find something of value in the links below.

Mind Mapping            

Mind Maps 

Answering Problem Questions: Courtesy of Steven Vaughan, @lawvaughan director of Undergraduate Studies, Cardiff Law School

Hopefully in time this wee section of my blog will expand and become a little more comprehensive as I learn more new ways to learn. 
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